About us

LCK Seafood is a Singapore based food distributor, serving our local establishments for over 60 years. Tapping on our experience and close contact with a wide network of suppliers, we are able to procure quality products from trusted sources to meet the standards of our clients.

We offer a variety of live, fresh and frozen products to serve the diverse cuisines in our local community. Armed with our licensed processing factory and a delivery fleet, we are here to provide solutions and overcome constraints of the modern F&B scene.

Talk to us admin@lckseafood.com. Or, you may check out our selections at our online store.


LCK Seafood 是一家设在新加坡的经销商,为我国餐饮业者服务超过60年。凭借我们的经验和广泛的网络与供应商密切联系,我们能够从当中采购优质产品,以满足客户的产品标准和需求。

我们提供各种活海鲜类、新鲜和冷冻的海鲜产品,为当地社区的多样化美食提供服务。 我们拥有合格的内部设施比如:加工工场,冷冻室和冷藏车,能够提供现代餐饮场所景所需的服务


与我们联系 admin@lckseafood.com 或者,您可以在我们的线上商店查看我们的选择。